Are your wordpress widgets getting too large?

Guess what, we can help you with that :-)


Hint: it’s not on the left side ;-)

Current functionality (v0.8)

  • chose the widget to be paginated
  • set number of items per page individually
  • set maximum number of pages shown
  • change labels of previous/next links or hide them
  • adjust the default styling of the pagination (mainly colours)
  • adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the pagination
  • set a speed for automatic paging


14. Jun 2012

(available languages: English and German)


  • animated paging (a few sexy effects – already working on it, but that’s a tough challenge) | status
  • option to shorten multi-spaced list items to a single line with ‘…’ at the end to avoid a jumping pagination (smoothing paging, hell yeah – already working on it , but it’s not trivial either)
  • increased compatibility with custom themes (sorry, if the paginator doesn’t work for you)
  • changeable sort order for some widgets (useful?)
  • increased support for non-standard wordpress widgets (e.g. “related posts” – wanted?)
  • instant preview of option changes on the plugin settings page (we don’t like surprises, do we)

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