v0.6.2 released

with the last bugfix we introduced a new bug: for blogs with multiple widgets of the same type (e.g. links), suddenly only the first widget was paginated.

we also noticed, default options were not set, if the plugin was just updated instead of installed, so we fixed that, too.

sorry for the inconvenience!

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v0.6.1 released

just increased the plugin compatibility with custom themes, which sometimes use a different html code structure for the widgets.

thanks for telling us about the problem with your theme, zweegmpa :-)

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v0.6 released

With 0.6 we added German translations. Wanna use it in your language? Then let us know!

Furthermore, we added the option to change the horizontal alignment of the pagination. Anyone interested in also moving it to the top of the link list?

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v0.5.1 released

just a quick bugfix: the pagination did not work for archives.

thanks for lettings us know, jazz76 ;-)

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v0.5 released

Just added a comfortable colorpicker :-)

screenshot of v0.5

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