working on v0.7

Hey users,

we have already added a pretty paging animation, but struggle with a problem: our solution mixes up the order of the list elements (floating li’s), which we realised too late, of course. (cf. screenshot)
So, yeah, we can’t release the really cool sliding of elements, until we find a way to get them back in the right order… Suggestions are welcome! (You can grab the source in the plugin repository).

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  1. jasie says:

    I guess, we are gonna abandon the float-strategy and go for this approach instead.

  2. jasie says:

    ‘Wrapping a single list using normal flow’ isn’t an option anymore, because in an uneven list, the extra element ends up at the end of the last column, not at the end of the first, as it should (see image)

  3. jasie says:

    Instead, we decided to reorder the ul dom. not really nice, to mess with the structure, we know. the uneven-element-count problem persisted, so we had to fit in empty elements to get the “overflowing” in the right column.

    but alas, after long hours of programming and a fully working, really nice animation, we realised, it was all useless, when we discovered, what happens to the list, if one or more elements are double-spaced: an empty space under elements only being single-spaced. this is behaviour obviously intolerable.

    consequence: we have to abandon the whole animation for now :-/

  4. jasie says:

    bold idea to overcome double-spaced lines:

    seems to require a lot of css resetting, hence possibly changing the theme styling…

  5. Kursat says:

    I am a new user. I didnt correctly understand how can I use, as I add to plug -in and activate plug -in then set the settings.
    I think that I should paste a code anywhere to active shouldnt it or …?

    • Lars says:

      No, you don’t have to paste code anywhere. Once you’ve installed the plugin, go to Appearance / Widget Paginator and set “Items per Page” for the widgets you want paginated. As soon as you have enough items in that widget, the pagination will automatically appear.

      • Kursat says:

        Ok. I just see I did it Thank you.
        I would like to ask one more; My web site widgets headings are big font and blue color, I would like to cahnge heading font size and color.
        Could you help me how can I do it?
        I mean for example your “Plugin Links,Pages on Pagination,..and the others” headiing color are black, and sizes are smaller than my web site.


        • Lars says:

          I’m not sure what you mean. You can change the font size and color of the navigation bar in the settings for the plugin.

          Changing the headings of your widgets should be done in the theme you are using. It is not handled by our plugin.

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